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There are thousands of trade shows, industry conferences, and specialty events around the globe. Trade shows are by far the leading marketplace when it comes to introducing products and services to a global business audience. Buyers from all around the world are spending their hard-earned Euros, Dollars, etc to create new business opportunities and making on-site purchasing decisions. It is your responsibility to reach out to these business leads and bring them to your trade show booth.

It is important that your trade show team and management discuss the following questions to ensure a successful trade show strategy.

  • How will you integrate the trade show with your corporate business plan and marketing activities?
  • Why would domestic and international buyers purchase your products and services?
  • How can you create traffic to your booth and what how can social media support pre-show marketing?
  • Do you understand the demographics of the trade show?
  • Have you clearly identified your buyers?
  • How can you identify and connect with various attendee groups?
  • Do you know other exhibitors who might be interested in creating sales opportunities with you?
  • Is your competition participating in trade shows and what is their approach and message?
  • Do you really know your competitors? Is your team aware of their business approach, strengths and weaknesses?
  • How will your team interact with domestic and international buyers who come to your booth? Are they prepared to communicate with them accordingly?
  • Is your team able to adjust to cross-cultural differences?
  • What are the results management is expecting from you and your team as a result of the trade show?
  • Who will be in charge of following up on leads and when will your team follow up?

There are plenty of resources for your company to ensure that your trade show is successful. You can connect with industry associations, trade show organizers, one of the departments of commerce, or trade show consulting companies like Global CIF.

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