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Participating in a trade show as an exhibitor or buyer is a very effective way to connect and network with a very focused and prepared audience.

The decision to become an exhibitor requires more than just filling out an application and sending a check to the organizers for the booth space. Budgeting about $5,000 for a standard 10×10 booth is not all there is. Your participation in a trade show will create expectations of buyers to see you there year after year. If you decide to skip a year or stay away for good, this might lead buyers to believe that you no longer care about the market or are out of business. So, please make sure that you keep these thoughts in mind.

There are many advantages to participate in a trade show. This is your opportunity to create high visibility for your company and products. Utilizing social media and inviting buyers to your booth for networking and product presentations, are just some of the ways to create some pre-show excitement.

Here are some statistics that we have collected at trade shows we manage:

  • 82% of buyers have purchasing authority
  • 89% of attendees are looking for new products
  • 65% or exhibitors believe that face-to-face meetings with buyers create leads and new business opportunities
  • Buyers spend 2.2 days and 9.5 hours on the show floor
  • 76% of the attendees will definitely or most likely return for the next event

At the end of the day it is critical that your entire organization is vested in the participation in a trade show. Trade shows are a fantastic way of creating new business!



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