Companies worldwide are considering setting up a business, distribution, sales, marketing, or contact point in the USA. The initial time and financial investment are often above and beyond a reasonable first step into the USA. Global CIF, through its newly created Business Point USA Program, will offer companies a business solution that will enable them to justify their move into the US market.

Business Point USA will empower international companies and start-ups to work with a team that has over 25 years of international business experience, has first-hand experience with overcoming the challenges of starting a business in the USA, and can relate to the initial hesitation of moving into this market.


Our objective is to provide international business and management solutions that contribute to the success of our domestic and global clients. Therefore, it is our responsibility to understand local and global customers, buyers, industry associations, markets, and the cultural backgrounds of these companies.


  • You will work with an executive with 25 years of business, management, marketing, sales, and negotiation experience.
  • “Walk the walk and talk the talk.” Leadership and hand-on business experience.
  • Dirk Ebener has successfully launched businesses, managed mergers and acquisitions, and will implement practical and manageable business solutions.
  • We have extensive industry experience and an understanding of business cultures around the world.
  • We will provide you with access to an extensive local and international network of businesses, associations, and vendor contacts.
  • Open your laptop and start working! When you work with us, you will be able to start immediately within a well-established business environment.
  • We understand the financial side of a business launch overseas, and therefore offer reasonable business packages.
  • We understand firsthand about the challenges of established businesses and start-ups and  when entering new markets. We offer practical and manageable advice and solutions.


☑️ Professional business address in Metro Atlanta

☑️ Administrative Support during office hours (8:30 am – 5:30 pm EST)

☑️ Dedicated phone line (area code 404)

☑️ Personalized phone answering

☑️ Mail Management – receipt and local pickup (if needed)

☑️ Mail Management – daily mail will be forwarded as a PDF to your address

☑️ Mail Management – forward to client by email

☑️ Mail Forwarding (additional expenses might occur)


☑️ Access to conference room

☑️ Basic kitchen access and refreshments

☑️ Dedicated HP all-in-one printer

☑️ Fully furnished office (based on availability)

☑️ Access to general office supplies

☑️ Dedicated guest Wi-Fi

☑️ Free parking (in front of building)

☑️ Regular office cleaning

ADDITIONAL SERVICES (additional fees will apply)

☑️ Corporate office location sourcing

☑️ General marketing support

☑️ Product and competitive analysis

☑️ Trade show activities

☑️ General market and product research

☑️ Lead management

☑️ Total human resource solutions


☑️ Accounting

☑️ Certified Public Accountant

☑️ IT Service

☑️ Notary service

☑️ Real estate (Office & Residential)

☑️ Banking relations

☑️ General business solutions

☑️ Legal assistance

☑️ Payroll management

☑️ Utility management


To learn more, please contact Dirk Ebener, CEO, Global CIF at +1 (770) 727-0406, or send an email to  Visit our Contact page for general office information.