We understand that it is important to our current and future clients to have access to a very wide range of business solutions. Therefore, we have implemented a global network of partners who will be able to work with us to offer our clients the best possible service and specific solutions.

• Business Evaluation                          
• Concept Development & Financials
• Conference & Special Event Planning
• Cross-Cultural Coaching
• Event Planning
• Industry Committee Meetings
• Industry Site Visits
• Global Telemarketing

• Hosted Buyer and Group Travel
• Market Research
• Product Introduction
• Site Visit Planning

• Social Media Marketing & Strategies
• Staff/Recruiting
• Trade Show Planning
• Vendor Selection & Management


Global CIF will be able assist you in markets around the world. We have managed trade shows, conferences, international pavilions, and provided business solutions to companies in over 20 countries. Please let us know how we can assist you with your international business plans.

1. Argentina
2. Austria
3. Belgium
4. Brazil
5. Canada
​6. China
7. Denmark
8. Finland
9. Germany
10. Holland
11. India

12. Italy
13. Japan
13. Mexico
15. Singapore
16. South Korea
17. Spain
18. Taiwan
19. Thailand
20. Turkey
21. United Arab Emirates


Here are some statistics that we have collected at trade shows we manage:

• 82% of buyers have purchasing authority

• 89% of attendees are looking for new products

• 65% or exhibitors believe that face-to-face meetings with buyers create leads and new business opportunities

• Buyers spend 2.2 days and 9.5 hours on the show floor

• 76% of the attendees will definitely or most likely return for the next event